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Events in Jesolo

Jesolo is the Adriatic city of enjoyment: from May to September there are beach parties, cultural and folklore events, open-air concerts, cabaret and top level sports meetings to fill your holidays.

Every year, around the third week in June, the famous Faro beach begins to hosts the famous summer parties, the first of which is the Full Moon DJ Festival.  This is one of the best beach parties: to the sound of music proposed by the DJs of the moment, the Festival opens in the late afternoon and goes on to midnight and beyond.

In July, on the stretch of sand of piazza Brescia, don’t miss the Festival of Sand Sculptures, an international competition that every summer attracts sculptors from all over the world with their highly original oversized theme pieces made of sand! 

In August, at Cortellazzo just outside Jesolo,  there are numerous Feste Marinare that combine dancing, music and entertainment of all kinds for pure moments of joy.
On 15th August every year there is the Jesolo fireworks feast, Festival del fuoco di Ferragosto, a night illuminated by a spectacular fireworks display that can be seen for miles along the coast.
Towards the end of the month Jesolo hosts the famous acrobatic spectacle of the Jesolo Air Show Extreme, during which many national flying acrobatic teams meet over the Jesolo sea to exhibit their breath-taking aerial gyrations, ending with the unforgettable performance of the magnificent Italian Air Force Acrobatic Team.

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