Our Commitment FOR AN environmental management

Jesolo is situated in a pristine, highly diversified natural environment, surrounded by the salty waters of the sea, the briny waters of the sandbank and the fresh water of the rivers that flow in the adjacent area. This incredible variety of environments results in a diverse ecosystem, a lagoon home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
In order to actively contribute to the preservation of the land and the environmental biodiversity, the Hotel Bellevue & Resort has launched a new policy and process that implement sustainable practices into daily resort operations, to allow our present and future guests to fully enjoy everything that our beautiful coastline has to offer while respecting its fragility.
We feel so strongly about sustainability that we decided to share our commitment with you, because your support is a key element to our success. 
The process of implementation of environmentally friendly technologies has only just begun, and will continue actively year after year in order to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact of our facility on the surrounding ecosystem.
The hotel staff is committed to implementing some best practices to reduce the use and waste of resources and improve the quality of the environment in which we welcome you. In this context some important actions have already been taken which aim at:
-    Reducing the environmental impact of transportation by promoting the use of bicycles, available to rent free of charge;
-    Promoting and enhancing our ecosystem through the nature trails of Jesolo Ambient Bike, to explore the surroundings, from the sea to the lagoon;
-    Reducing the use of resources through continuous monitoring of water, electricity and gas consumption;
-    Carefully and rationally managing purchases to encourage monitoring and analysis of resources;  
-    Providing our guests with organic and selected products at our breakfast buffet;
-    Involving guests and raising their awareness, especially with regard to water saving.
The commitment of the Hotel Bellevue & Resort to pursuing responsible business practices consistent with the principles of eco-sustainability has been supported and made official by the partnership with Stay for the Planet, a project that allows to determine the Hotel’s level of sustainability through the use of 5 key indicators: energy, water, waste, purchases and behaviors. This type of monitoring activity allows us to continuously enhance our environmental performance in order to constantly improve our efforts. 
To this end, the Hotel has also launched a collaboration with LifeGate, a project which periodically reports significant environmental indicators; In particular, CO2 emission performance, energy demand and water consumption will be analyzed and regularly disclosed to the staff and the official sites.

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