Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors
Your charging station for electric cars in Jesolo

Tesla Motors

Hotel Bellevue partner of Tesla

The Hotel Bellevue confirms its commitment to innovation and respect for the environment, providing Tesla owners complimentary charging stations.

Thanks to an agreement with Tesla Destination Charging program, Hotel Bellevue offers two new chargers free of charge for all its guests. A charger is exclusively dedicated to Tesla car owners, the other is universal and can be used for any electric car.

Tesla’s Destination Charging program provides convenient charging at premium destinations around the world exclusively for Tesla owners.

Their charging technology can add up to 58 miles of range per hour of charge for visiting Tesla owners. We are proud to be a charging partner of Tesla's and contribute to the pursuit of sustainable transportation.

The Tesla Destination Charging stations are offered across the Destination Hotels collection from coast to coast.

To learn more please visit Tesla Destination Charging

For more information about our recharging service, please contact our Reception.

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